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Yoghurt skimmed with fruit

Food Category: Milk and dairy products, cheese

The nutritional data is based on the German BundeslebensmittelschlĂŒssel (German Food Database) and is part of the nutritional software NutriGuideÂź und ProdiÂź.

Main Ingredients

Ingredient Quantity/100g Unit
Bread units 1,1
Kilocalories 72
Kilojoule 303
Protein 3,80 g
Fat 0,11 g
Carbohydrates 12,83 g
Alcohol 0,00 g
Water 80,86 g
Total dietary fibre 0,92 g
Cholesterol 0,00 mg
Mineral 0,78 g


Minerals and Trace Elements

Aminos Acids

Fatty Acids

Special Carbohydrates