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Nanotechnology in the Food Sector

Beschreibung: Research acivities on applications of nanotechnology in the food sector already include the development of improved taste, colour, flavour, texture of food products and increased bioavailability of nutrients and bioactive compounds. Improved quality, extended shelf-life and safety of food products due to new food packaging materials with improved mechanical, barrier, and antimicrobial properties are further important research topics. Nanosensors for traceability could be the future for monitoring the quality of food during transport and storage.

Because nanotechnology applications are expected to result in improved quality and safety of food products, many of the world?s largest food companies are reported to support specific research programmes to explore the potential of nanotechnology for use in the food sector. It has been suggested that the number of companies currently applying nanotechnologies to food could be as high as 400 and that this number is expected to increase dramatically in the near future. In addition, the market for nanotechnology-derived products for the food sector is predicted to grow rapidly in the coming years. Currently, many nanotechnology applications in the food sector are at R&D or near-market stages, whereas currently only nanotechnology-derived materials for food packaging to improve mechanical and barrier properties and some delivery systems for biologically active compounds are available in selected countries. However, data on the benefits, improvements and risks of nanotechnology applications in the food sector as well as their economical competitiveness are still almost lacking. The conference seeks to cover the whole range of nanotechnology applications in the food sector and to bring people interested in that rapidly developing area together.
Veranstalter: Max Rubner-Institut
Ort: Karlsruhe
Beginn: Sonntag, 10.10.2010, 15:00
Ende: Dienstag, 12.10.2010, 15:00
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