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Hidden Hunger - From Assessment to Solutions

Beschreibung: The International Congress Hidden Hunger has three objectives:

1.) to create awareness of the global problem Hidden Hunger,
2.) to get scientific issues on the agenda of policy makers, academicians, politicians and industry, as well as
3.) to discuss solutions to address the worldwide micronutrient deficiencies.

Scientists from different areas, field workers, members of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and representatives from administration, management and policy will be invited to discuss the different topics for four days at the University of Hohenheim located in Stuttgart-Plieningen, Germany.

Attention will be given to Africa and Asia as well as North America and Europe. Hidden Hunger is an increasing problem even in the developed countries, whose potential negative consequences on long-term health are often overlooked and underestimated.
Veranstalter: Universität Hohenheim
Ort: Stuttgart
Beginn: Mittwoch, 06.03.2013, 09:00
Ende: Samstag, 09.03.2013, 17:00
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