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Beer Pilsner light (with respect to colour)

Food Category: Alcoholic beverages

The nutritional data is based on the German Bundeslebensmittelschlüssel (German Food Database) and is part of the nutritional software NutriGuide® und Prodi®.

Main Ingredients

Ingredient Quantity/100g Unit
Bread units 0,3
Kilocalories 42
Kilojoule 177
Protein 0,50 g
Fat 0,00 g
Carbohydrates 3,12 g
Alcohol 3,96 g
Water 92,18 g
Total dietary fibre 0,00 g
Cholesterol 0,00 mg
Mineral 0,20 g


Minerals and Trace Elements

Aminos Acids

Fatty Acids

Special Carbohydrates