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Alaska Pollack Albacore Albacore tinned drained Anchovy Anchovy Anchovy paste Angler fresh Black halibut Bluefin tuna Bonito cooked Bonito preserve Bonito tinned in oil Brook trout Carp cooked Catfish cooked Catfish smoked Caviar beluga roe Caviar substitute Coalfish cooked Coalfish smoked Coalfish tinned in oil Cod cooked Cod-type fishes dried and deep-frozen, 'Stockfisch' Cod-type fishes, salted and dried, called as 'Klippfisch' Common Bream/ Bream/Crucian carp cooked Crayfish cooked Crayfish tinned Cuttle-fish cooked Cuttle-fish fresh deep-fried whole Deep-sea scallop cooked Edible mussel cooked Eel cooked Eel smoked Fish fingers (sticks) breaded deep-frozen Fishes cooked Fishes fresh Flatfishes cooked Flounder cooked Flounder smoked Fried herring Fried mackerel Fried mackerel Fried sardines Grey mullet Grey mullet preserve Haddock cooked Haddock smoked Hake cooked Halibut cooked Halibut preserve Halibut smoked Herring cooked Herring filet in Tomato sauce Herring filet matje-type cured Herring preserve Herring roe Herring salted Herring smoked whole, called as 'Bueckling' Herring tinned drained Herring tinned in oil Herring vinegar cured, called as 'Bismarck herring' Herring-type fishes, salt-cured called as 'Anchosen' Horse mackerel Ling cooked Lobster cooked Lobster preserve Mackerel cooked Mackerel smoked Mackerel tinned drained Mackerel tinned in oil Oyster cooked Oyster fresh Perch cooked Pickerels cooked Pikeperch cooked Plaice cooked Pollan fresh cooked sliced Prawn fresh Prawn preserve Quahog Rosefish cooked Rosefish smoked Salmon Salmon fresh Salmon tinned drained Salmon tinned in oil Sand dab Sardine cooked Sardine tinned in oil Sardinops Scallop cooked Sea-loach cooked Sea-trout preserve Shad Shad preserve Sheat-fish cooked Shrimp Shrimp small tinned drained Smelt fresh sliced Smelt preserve Sole cooked Spiny Dogfish Spiny Dogfish fresh (Grayfish, Picked Dogfish) Spiny Dogfish smoked Spiny lobster (Langouste /Rock lobster /Crawfish) Sprat Sprat smoked Sprat tinned drained Swordfish Tench cooked Trout cooked Trout smoked Turbot cooked Whale cooked White herring tinned drained Witch fresh cooked sliced Witch/Lemon sole cooked