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Beef back (roast) Beef blood Beef bone fresh whole Beef breast Beef breast fresh Beef cooked Beef cutlet fresh Beef fat Beef fatty tissue Beef filet (loin) Beef filet fresh Beef flank fresh Beef fore rib fresh Beef foreleg (shank) Beef goulash fresh Beef hind leg (shank) lean Beef lean Beef meat fat Beef medium fat Beef minced fresh Beef muscle fibre Beef neck Beef ox tail cooked Beef prime rib fresh Beef roast fresh Beef roll fresh Beef round Beef schnitzel fresh Beef shoulder Beef slices fresh Beef steak fresh Beef suited for boiling fresh Beef tinned Beef top round fresh Beef top round with rasher fresh Beef/Pork minced fresh Corned beef German (jellied) tinned Meat cooked Meat extract Mutton chine (chop) lean fresh Mutton chop Mutton cooked Mutton filet Mutton goulash lean fresh Mutton leg lean fresh Mutton loin (filet) lean Mutton roast lean fresh Mutton shoulder lean fresh Mutton steak Mutton suited for boiling lean fresh Pork belly Pork belly and chine bacon Pork blood Pork breast Pork chine (chop) Pork chine bacon Pork choice lard Pork chop Pork fat Pork fat fresh Pork fatty tissue Pork filet Pork flank Pork foreleg (knuckle) medium fat fresh cooked Pork goulash Pork hind leg (knuckle) Pork in own gravy tinned Pork jowl cooked Pork knuckle fresh Pork lean Pork leg (ham) Pork loin Pork medium fat Pork minced fresh Pork muscle fibre Pork neck Pork roast Pork roll Pork schnitzel Pork shoulder Pork steak Pork suited for boiling fresh Pork tinned Pork/Beef minced fresh Tartare (minced beef for raw consumption) fresh Veal breast Veal chine (cutlet) Veal cutlet Veal fat Veal filet Veal flank fresh Veal foreleg (knuckle) Veal hind leg (knuckle) fresh Veal lean fresh Veal leg Veal loin (filet) Veal medium fat Veal minced fresh Veal muscle fibre Veal roast Veal roll Veal schnitzel medium fat deep-frozen Veal scrag Veal shoulder Veal steak Veal suited for boiling fresh Veal tail section fresh Veal tinned