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'Bierwurst' (coarse heat-treated sausage in bladder and smo 'Breslauer' Lyonaise 'Göttinger Blasenwurst'/Krakauer 'Pfälzer/Augsburger/Regensburger' (similar to Frankfurters) 'Weißwurst Münchener' (white sausage, specialty of Munich) Beef and pork sausage coarse Beef and pork sausage meat raw air dried Beef aspic Brawn (pressed sausage aspic) Bremen style coarse pork sausage meat Calf's liver sausage Cervelat Corned Beef Frankfurter beef sausage Fried sausage with curry Fried sausage, coarse/pork sausage fried coarse German salami Ham pâté Ham salami Ham sausage Ham sausage raw Hessian blood sausage Homemade liver sausage tinned Jagdwurst (coarse boiled sausage) low fat Knackwurst/Large/Red/Cervelat Liver pâté Liver pressed sausage simple Liver sausage fresh Liver sausage low fat Lower quality cervelat Lower quality cervelat simple Luncheon meat / pork luncheon meat Lyonaise sausage low fat Meat sausage/Stadtwurst simple Mortadella northern German Peasant fried sausage Pork aspic Pork bacon and ham Pork bacon marbled (breakfast bacon) Pork belly and brain sausage Pork belly bacon raw smoked Pork ham boiled not smoked Pork ham raw smoked Pork hams Pork roast smoked *Kassler Pressed aspic sausage Raw beef and pork sausage spreadable Salami Hungarian style Sausage and meat products low fat Sausage small low fat Sausages small tinned Smoked sausages flat pressed hard Smoked sausages flat pressed hard (southern and northern Ge Sow's stomach 'Palatinate' Special quality beef and pork sausage raw *Teewurst Stuttgart luncheon meat Thick Frankfurter Thuringian blood sausage Tinned ham Tongue sausage light Veal luncheon meal slabs Westphalian Panhas (haggis) Westphalian Pankas (haggis) with blood White pressed sausage aspic Wieners tinned