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Barley flakes Barley flour (650-1800) Barley grits Barley wholemeal Buckwheat flour light Buckwheat grain hulled Buckwheat grits Buckwheat meal (<1700) Buckwheat wholemeal Buckwheat wholemeal flour Cornflakes Cornflakes with sugar/honey toasted Farina balls small dried product Flädle (flat egg noodles) dried product Flour mixture for bread gluten free Flour mixture low protein gluten free low sodium Fruit-Muesli Grain products breakfast cereals Green rye wholemeal Green-rye flour (650-1800) Green-rye meal (<1700) Maize flour (650-1800) Maize starch Maize wholemeal Millet flakes Millet flour (650-1800) Millet grain hulled Millet muesli gluten free Millet whole grain Mixed grain flakes Mixed-grain meal Muesli Muesli with schocolade Multi-grain flakes with sugar/honey toasted Oat flakes Oat flour (650-1800) Oat grits Oat wholemeal flakes Oats whole grain Pot barley Puffed grain Puffed rice Puffed rice with sugar/honey toasted Rice flour (650-1800) Rice half polished Rice half polished cooked Rice hulled Rice hulled cooked Rice not hulled Rice not hulled cooked Rice parboiled Rice parboiled cooked Rice starch Rye flakes Rye flour fine (<650) Rye flour Type 1150 Rye flour Type 1370 Rye flour Type 1590 Rye flour Type 1740 Rye flour Type 815 Rye flour Type 997 Rye germ Rye wholemeal Rye wholemeal flour Wheat bran Wheat flakes Wheat flour fine Type 405 Wheat flour fine Type 550 Wheat flour fine Type 630 Wheat flour Type 1050 Wheat flour Type 1200 Wheat flour Type 1600 Wheat flour Type 1700 Wheat flour Type 812 Wheat germ Wheat germ flakes Wheat semolina Wheat starch Wheat wholemeal Wheat wholemeal flour