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*Prunkbohnen (???) Algae fresh Artichoke cooked Artichokes fresh Artichokes tinned Asparagus fresh Asparagus tinned drained Asparagus white cooked Aubergine (eggplant) cooked Aubergine fresh Beans green cooked Beans green dried Beans green fresh Beans green pickled drained Beetroot (red beet) cooked Beetroot fresh Beetroot juice Beetroot tinned drained Bermuda onion fresh Black salsify cooked Black salsify fresh Black salsify tinned drained Blanched celery cooked Blanched celery fresh Broccoli cooked Broccoli fresh Brussels sprouts cooked Brussels sprouts fresh Bush beans green fresh Bush beans green tinned drained Capsicum cooked Capsicum fresh Carrot cooked Carrot dried Carrot fresh Carrot juice Carrot tinned drained Cauliflower cooked Cauliflower fresh Celeriac cooked Celeriac fresh Celery fresh Chayote fresh Chickpeas dried Chickpeas fresh Chickpeas tinned drained Chicory fresh Chinese cabbage (pe-tsai or pak-choi cabbage) cooked Chinese cabbage fresh Chives fresh Cocktail onion tinned drained Cole (colewort) Cos lettuce fresh Courgette (zucchini, squash summer) cooked Courgette fresh Cress fresh Cucumber fresh Cucumber fresh cooked Cucumber in aromatic vinegar pickled drained Cucumber with lactic acid Cucurbits fresh Cut lettuce leaves fresh Dandelion fresh Dandelion fresh cooked Endive fresh Fennel fresh Fennel fresh cooked Frankfurter Grüne Soße mixture (borage, pimpernel, chives, French beans (Acker-/Puff-/Saubohnen) French beans tinned drained Fruit used as a vegetable Garden lettuce fresh Garlic dried Garlic fresh Garlic powder Gherkin pickled drained Green pepper fresh Greens Horseradish fresh Iceberg lettuce fresh Kohlrabi cooked Kohlrabi fresh Lamb's lettuce fresh Leek cooked Leek fresh Legumes (unripe) Lima bean cooked Lima bean dried Lima bean tinned cooked Mangelwurzel fresh cooked Marrow peas fresh Mixed Pickles Mixed vegetables cooked Mixed vegetables fresh Mixed vegetables juice Okra cooked Okra fresh Onions dried Onions fresh Onions powder Parsley leaf fresh Parsnip cooked Parsnip cooked Parsnip fresh Parsnip fresh Peas green cooked Peas green dried cooked Peas green fresh Peas green tinned drained Pigeon peas fresh Potherbs Purslane cooked Purslane fresh Radicchio fresh Radish 'White Icicle' fresh Radish red fresh Radish white fresh Rape fresh Red cabbage cooked Red cabbage fresh Red cabbage tinned cooked Red pepper fresh Roots and tubers used as vegetables Sago cooked Sago fresh Sago tinned drained Salad vegetables fresh Sauerkraut drained fresh Sauerkraut fresh cooked Sauerkraut juice Sauerkraut tinned drained Savoy cabbage cooked Savoy cabbage fresh Shallot fresh Sorrel fresh Soups from roots and tubers dehydrated Soya beans Soya beans dried Soya beans tinned drained Spanish spinach (Gartenmelde) cooked Spinach deep-frozen cooked Spinach fresh Spinach fresh cooked Spinach juice Spinach tinned cooked Spring cabbage cooked Spring cabbage fresh Sprouts and scallions Squash winter Stinging nettle fresh String beans green Swede (Swedish turnip, rutabaga) cooked Swede fresh Sweet corn (sugar corn, green corn) cooked Sweet corn fresh Sweet corn tinned Sweet peas Sweet pepper cooked Sweet pepper fresh Sweet pepper pickled Tomato and sweet pepper pickled Tomato concentrate Tomato juice Tomatoes fresh Tomatoes fresh cooked Tomatoes tinned Turnip (navew) cooked Turnip fresh Vegetables fresh Vegetarian paste Vegetarian paste with vegetables low sodium Watercress fresh Wax beans cooked Wax beans fresh Wax beans tinned drained White cabbage cooked White cabbage fresh