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IFPE Academy: How healthy are vegan diets? Latest scientific findings

Beschreibung: Content:
•Nutrient intake and supply of vegans
•Risk modulation f diet-related chronic diseases
•Therapeutic effects of vegan diets
•Practical aspects Vegan Food Pyramid

Vegan diets are becoming me and me popular in western societies. If well-planned, vegan diets may exhibit various health effects. But there are several critical nutrients that need to be taken into account. How can the nutrient supply of vegans be assessed? Do vegans have a lower risk f diet-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease cancer? And is there a therapeutical potential of vegan diets in the treatment of diet-related diseases? In this seminar, these questions and me will be adressed and discussed.

Dr. Markus Keller is a nutritionist and direct of the non-profit Research Institute f Plant-Based Nutrition IFPE. His scientific wk focuses on vegetarianismveganism, alternative diets and sustainable nutrition. He is a lecturer at the Wilhelm Büchner University and co-auth of the textbook "Vegetarische und vegane Ernährung" 4th ed. 2020. As principal investigat he is involved in numerous research projects, such as the VeChi Diet and VeChi Youth study, the PREGGIE study and the VEGANScreener project.

IFPE Academy
The IFPE Academy offers training courses on current topics related to plant-based nutrition. The seminars are aimed at nutrition and health professionals.
Recognition education points of IFPE seminars by nutrition associations is generally possible. All participants a certificate of attendance.
Veranstalter: Forschungsinstitut für pflanzenbasierte Ernährung gGmbH IFPE
Ort: Online (zoom)
Beginn: Dienstag, 01.10.2024, 18:00
Ende: Dienstag, 01.10.2024, 19:30
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